Delivery should be so fast, it feels like it's teleporting
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Faster, cheaper delivery without the tradeoffs

By following the same model as other utilities, Pipedream's underground delivery system is able to get customers their deliveries faster, cheaper and greener, without compromising their safety.

Pipedream Makes Delivery Cheaper

Pipedream provides the citywide infrastructure to make delivery cheaper, so you can start deciding what you want delivered and whether the fees are worth it.

Pipedream Makes Delivery Greener

Pipedream's all-electric system allows cities to make deliveries cheaper while reducing the Co2 emissions generated from traditional vehicle deliveries and making cities quieter, safer and reducing traffic.

Pipedream Gives Drivers Superpowers

By allowing drivers to deliver more items per hour, Pipedream makes the work of delivery drivers more efficient, without the stress.

Providing better delivery infrastructure in cities, means more opportunities for the people and businesses that call your city home.

How It Works

1. Drivers Pickup Items

Delivery app drivers pick up a batch of orders from a location (restaurant, grocery store, etc.) and drop it off at the nearest Pipedream Portal.

Pipedream Distributes

Deliveries are loaded into our robots and are sent across the city to another hub using our network of underground pipes.

Drivers Drop Off Items

Drivers pick up items at Portals closest to their destination and travel the final mile for deliveries.
Users get their same deliveries, delivered to their door, for a fraction of the cost.

The Pod Specs

Pipedreams spacious cargo pod (10.8" diameter, 18" length) is able to house 95% of items typically delivered to someone's home.
Pipedream operates at 60 miles an hour, meaning it can deliver from Manhattan to the Bronx in 10 minutes.
Pipedream uses 12" PVC pipes, same as your current utilities to house our robotic Pods.

The Portal Specs

Loads Pod directly into underground drive bot.
Stores eight pods at time.
Direct loading and unloading through portal hatch.